History of Christian Thought - Final Exam Questions.

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Assignment: Theology 1. The first members of Christianity considered their religion as a movement to revive Palestinian Judaism. They viewed their faith as an embodiment of God’s promise to the land of Israel. In Judaism, Saul and David were also regarded as “Messiahs” (God’s Anointed One), though they played no special part in the pagan religion.


They were concerned with the future consequences of the kingdom. They identified themselves as “The Community of the Poor” and their social philosophies always favored the poor people (Frend, 27-28). Jesus Christ was given a violent death by his antagonists who crucified him onto a cross. The Jewish religion believed that the prophets usually sacrificed their lives as a martyr, and Jesus death occurred in a similar circumstance. Of course, being the “Son of God”, he resurrected himself within three days of his dying. Thus, his followers came to regard him as “the true and faithful martyr” who sacrificed his life for the salvation of mankind (Frend, 54). Paul, a religious genius, shifted the Christian ideology away from Palestinian Judaism to the Jewish cultural centers in Europe and Asia Minor. According to him, although Christianity was a reform movement within Judaism, one could become a Christian only through a formal process of baptism to the religion. However, Paul had not respected the Christian followers at Jerusalem and they naturally opposed his philosophies (Frend, 89). 2. During the 2nd century, Rome emerged as the leading center in Christianity. ...
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