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Name 24 July 2011 Assignment Religion is a very important walk of life for most people as they spend their lives living by the rules and faith of the religious path that they follow. There are a few major religions in the world that have been able to establish themselves vastly over most of the population; they are Judaism and Hinduism and have a large following world over.


This paper helps to discuss the various details, rituals, characteristics etc of both Judaism and Hinduism and aims to locate the similarities and differences between the two as well. Judaism is said to be the modern religious philosophy and the way of life that the Jewish people follow. This form of religion has been said to arise from the Hebrew Bible and helps to depict the relationship that God had developed with the children of Israel, the original Jews. It has been established for over 3000 years now and the texts or scriptures of the religion have been greatly influenced by Abrahamic religions that include Christianity, Islam as well as the Baha’i faith. The Torah is the authoritative scripture that is made use of while referring to, understanding and learning about the religion of Judaism. Hinduism on the other hand is the main religion that is followed in the Indian subcontinent and its followers follow the Sanatana Dharma which basically constitutes the eternal law. It has been known to be one of the oldest living religions known to mankind, formulated during the Vedic period during the Iron Age in India. Most Hindus engage in several rituals throughout the course of the year, both at home as well as at the temples. ...
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