Buddhism and Hinduism in comparision

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Complete Name: Professor: Course: Date of Submission: Hinduism vs. Buddhism in the Image of Art and in Doctrine Art in style and form of representing divinity is one notable characteristic that distinguishes Buddhism from Hinduism. For one, like the general concept with which sculptures of Japan’s Heian period were treated, the ‘Eleven-Headed Bodhisattva of Compassion’ was sculpted using a special technique, known as ‘yosegi’ which gave most creation of the era, 794-1185 AD, its distinct characteristic.


It highly reflects the prevailing theme at the time in which Japan took pride in its genius through the fields of religion, philosophy, art, and rich literature. While the fundamental color of brilliance is perceived through the coating to designate in equilibrium the simplicity of brightness through wood carving, the Hindu sculpture has, among the revered gods Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna, and some others, on the contrary been worked using stone or hard rock medium to enhance the proper locus of the aspects with light. A rare sculpture of ‘Vishnu’ seated on a Naga coil under the five hoods of the serpent deity is stone-made. Found at the Nithyakalyanaswamy temple at Thiruvidanthai, the statue is said to date from the Vijayanagara period during the 17th century. Contrary to the standing position of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Vishnu is depicted sitting in a relaxed posture to signify an aura of meditative heights achieved. This ‘Vishnu on Naga Coil’ is well-adorned as opposed to the plain appearance of the Buddhist sculpture. ...
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