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Name Student ID Course Date Summary of the books of the New Testament Books) Matthew Matthew was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus. He wrote this book as an observation of the life of Jesus through his own eyes. The book of Matthew is known as one of the synoptic gospels, along with Mark and Luke, because it provides a basic description of the life of Jesus.


Throughout the next few chapters, there were many stories of Jesus healing those who were sick and even dead in some cases. Before Jesus was crucified, He predicted that those who hated Him would want to kill Him. In the final chapter after Jesus rose from the dead, Jesus commanded his followers to go out into the world and preach the Gospel. Then Jesus ascended up to heaven. John The book of John was unlike the first three gospels; it was not a synoptic gospel. The difference was that Matthew, Mark, and Luke told the story of Jesus chronologically. On the other hand, the book of John was more about preaching what Jesus taught. This book was the last of the Gospels to be written. John wrote this book at the end of his life in approxiamately 90 A.D. This would have allowed John enough time to process what he had seen and heard and then gave him a great opportunity to dictate the story properly. Just as in the book of the previous Gospels, John described some of the signs and wonders that Jesus performed. In addition to this, the book of John used many direct quotes from Jesus himself, thus proclaiming why Jesus did the things He did. There are a number of lessons that a reader can get from becoming familier with the Gospel of John. ...
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