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Term Paper example - Hebrew Word Study: Love

Hebrew Word Study: Love Term Paper example
Term Paper
Religion and Theology
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In a lexicon study, the following was found about the word “love.” In Strong’s Concordance, Strong’s number H157 (‘ahab) and H160 (‘ahabah) are given…

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‘Ahab only has two uses in the entire Old Testament (“Bible Study Tools Old Testament Lexicon” 2011, pgh. 1). ii. Concordance study (4 paragraphs, 264 words) Looking in a concordance, one realizes that there are several places in the Bible in which the word “love” is used, but the word may not always be the same translation. For example, the word chesed is used extensively, which relates to a different kind of love. Chesed means "[l]oyal [l]ove [or] [l]ovingkindness" (“Old Testament Word Studies: Chesed 2011, pgh. 1). Brown-Driver-Briggs (the BDB) has scores of meanings for both ahab and chesed. If one looks in the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia—which is the Masoretic text of the Torah—one will be able to find numerous examples of “love,” especially chesed. When seminary students are learning Hebrew words, one of the first words that they learn is chesed, because the type of lovingkindness that denotes loyalty is used extensively throughout the OT. Most certainly, chesed is not to be mistaken with ahab. Ahab does not necessarily have any conditions attached to it, whereas chesed has a quality about being owed in return for having received mercy. This denotes the fact that, in the OT, there is more of a focus on mercy, while the New Testament (NT) focuses on grace. Hopefully, it will be noted that ahab is indeed a very important concept that is ultimately the set-up, or backdrop, for love that is established by grace rather than mercy. Although the God of the Old Testament was a merciful God, God could also be a wrathful God—which shows mightily in the OT. God, we realize, becomes more gracious with the advent of the NT—but he never loses his power to judge. ...
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