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Your Name Professor’s Name Subject/Course Date Bible Story In Genesis, god created the heavens and the earth, time and living things including humans which were created in his image. He gave Adam and Eve the Garden of Eden, a paradise for man and wife, except for one caveat: they should not eat the Fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil.


God cursed Cain. The third son was Seth and they had more children that the Earth was populated. However, the people became decadent and sinful. God decided to wipe out the population of the Earth with the exception of Noah and his family, plus pairs of animals who were to be saved in the ark that was ordered by god. For 40 days and 40 nights, the flood cleansed the Earth. After that, god promised that there won’t be anymore floods and Noah thanked him. Noah’s children filled the Earth again and they, again, became decadent and sinful. They worshipped many gods and idols including the Tower of Babel. God punished them by confusing their languages and scattered them all over the Earth. Then God chose Abraham to start a people that would worship him including instructions to go to Canaan, promising Abraham that he would be leader of the Canaanites. He also told Abraham to circumcise himself and all of his male descendants as a sign of faith. Abraham had a son from his maid, Ishmael, who became the father of the Arabs. His son from his wife was Isaac, who had also two sons, Esau and Jacob (Israel). Jacob had 12 sons including his favorite, Joseph. Because of jealousy, Joseph was sold by his brothers to slave traders from Egypt. In Egypt, Joseph was imprisoned due to the charges of the wife of the Pharaoh. ...
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