Religion and Theologyy Essay example
Religion and Theology
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According to James L. Christian "Religion is said to be man's involvement in the source and meaning of his existence, and the in-depth involvement is the depth of his religion."


Theology helps to learn religious traditions; this is a system of theoretical principles that derives the religious practices. According to H. Dermot McDonald, religious experience does possess a sense of adequacy and completeness. Theology has facilitated Christianity towards human values to the fullest. The impact of Jesus in the lives of people since ages has never passed by with absolute positives like none before. History talks about many skeptics and critics whose lives have also been transformed completely. Different factors that facilitate the Christian values into human lives, it is quiet important to analyse and understand certain aspects about Jesus if he had claimed to be God ever, if the Bible had the authority in human life, and if a person is a Christian, does it in any way matter as to how a life is lead. These factors have always been the focal areas of interaction many times. According to John 10:30 Jesus says “I and the Father are one”, but Jesus never said the words precisely as “I am God”. This means that Jesus never said that he was God ever; in fact he referred to the Father and him as equals, with Father, Son and the Holy Spirit in the form of Trinity. Secondly the point if Bible has authority over human life; Bible is the essence of timeless truth rather than an authority. ...
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