What is the Enlightenment project and how did it impact upon Christian Theology?

What is the Enlightenment project and how did it impact upon Christian Theology? Essay example
Religion and Theology
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Theology does not address history - it addresses and is addressed by these and other and other strata of reality that has the mandate of focusing on the different levels of being and showing how they are coherent with its overall vision of reality.


Creative and critical thinking is an essential tool in analysis of theology, since all its aspects are related to the basic human understanding the origin of all creation and nature given the universal belief of a superior being. It is in this perspective that the philosophy of the holy trinity resulted in a deep examination of the biblical information and the church in general. Two different factions of Christians have come up, one group believes in the trinity that has God the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This group is referred to as the Trinitarian group (Leupp 2008). The other group which believed that God is one distinct being has come to be referred to as the Non Trinitarian group. A heated debate has always ensued when the existence of the two groups is discussed or debated. The Trinitarian group can never visualize God as a single distinct person. Olson argues that a non-Trinitarian creator God would need a world as his counterpart because personhood is a mystery of relationship.The statement further says that man is equal with God and his Godhead and with humankind in his manhood. ...
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