Field research into an "unfamiliar" religious tradition: Islam

Field research into an "unfamiliar" religious tradition: Islam Research Paper example
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Field Research into an unfamiliar religion tradition: Islam   Your compete name Instructor's name Course Title Submission date Abstract In this field research, I have identified my personal misconceptions about an unfamiliar religion, Islam. I selected Islam due to my growing concern about world peace and increasing incident of terrorism and its association with Muslims or Islam.


Field Research into an unfamiliar religion tradition: Islam I have never hated any religion or its believers, however, increasing terrorism and acts of destruction throughout the world associated with Islam led me to feel bad about Muslims and Islam in general. Selecting Islam as an “unfamiliar” religion for this field study reflects my curiosity stemming from widely accepted image of Islam and Muslims in media today.  During this field research I came across a few Muslim men and women both online and offline. I tried to discuss my concerns and ideas about Islam and asked for explanations. I also researched and read about Islam and its practices from Muslim view point. After analyzing my misconceptions and prevailing ideas about Islam, I found that Islam is negatively perceived and we must learn more about the religion and promote religious tolerance at every level. My Misconceptions about Islam The most disturbing was the idea that Muslims are Taliban, terrorists, or support terrorism in a way or the other. I have always imagined Muslim men with beard and Muslim woman with a veil or black covering with head scarf. ...
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