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Name Instructor Course Date Advent Advent is the commencement of the church calendar in most of the traditional Western churches. It normally commences on the fourth Sunday prior to Christmas. The advent period in these churches runs up to the Christmas Eve.


It involves celebrating Gods revelation to humanity through Christ. The Second Advent is characterized by scriptural references with themes majorly inclined to being accountable during his second coming. Judgment of sin and hope of everlasting life is given preeminence in the Second Advent. Advent has deep-rooted focus in the past and the coming future. It is characterized by great symbolism that refers to spiritual journey of individuals and utmost the congregation. The congregation celebrating the advent should be encouraged to do so with hope, anticipation and a spirit of longingnes.They should yearn for deliverance from temptations and evils of the universe. The advent service should start by deliverance to resemble the Israelites who wept out to God to deliver them from bondage in Egypt. The cry of the faithful should rest in the fact that, there is still future hope for deliverance despite being part of a world full of sin and exploitation. The hope by the faithful fills them with anticipation that in the near future; a Just King will come whose rule will be marked by righteousness. Themes on anticipation that signifies a new dawn with the royalty of the anointed are to be included in the service. The introduction part of the advent service begins with a song. The song must be relevant to the season and introduce the theme. Songs related to the scriptural readings of the day should be encouraged. ...
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