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Khanda: Symbol of Divine Sikh Beliefs

Hence, if one desires to understand a particular religion in depth, then one should study the different religious symbols that are worshipped by people from different religions. Symbols in different religions are the sources of the core values of those religions. For example, the ‘Cross’ in Christianity, ‘Trident’ in hands of deities in Hindu religion, the importance of ‘green color’ in Islamic religion etc., are nothing but symbols of the religious teachings and beliefs. Similarly, religion of ‘Sikhism’ also has many symbols which explain its core values to its follower. Sikhism Sikhism is one of the major religions in India. People who follow Sikhism are known as Sikhs. Majority of the Sikh population is situated in the Indian state of ‘Punjab’. The religious place of worship of Sikh people is known as ‘Gurudwara’. The ‘Gurudwara’ symbolizes the Sikh beliefs of ‘One God’. The scripture followed by Sikh people is called as the ‘Guru Granth Sahib,’ which begins with two words of ‘Ik Onkar’. It means that the world is created by ‘One God,’ who is formless, self illuminated and is immortal. The beliefs of Sikhs are based on this teaching and hence, the shape of the words ‘Ik Onkar’ is also used as symbol of Sikh religion. However, the symbol that holds an important place in Sikh religion is the symbol of ‘Khanda’. ...
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Khanda: Symbol Of Divine Sikh Beliefs Introduction ‘Faith’ plays an important role in human being’s life. It is the quality of faith that drives human beings to follow their religious and cultural beliefs. Human being’s behavior, thinking pattern, beliefs and values are based on his religion…
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