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Judaism Religion and Theology

One reason is that the Essenes formed one of the greatest sects during that time of Christ, in which the Jews were divided. Judaism is the way of life, philosophy and religion of the Jewish people. One might be interested in being part of these separatist societies because of the uniqueness of these societies. The Essenes for example had no women and also had no money. These were believed to be the major causes of sin and were therefore forbidden from these societies. They only had palm trees as their companions. This saw many people who were tired of life being driven to these societies to adopt their interesting mannerisms. This paper will discuss “The Damascus Document” and the “Rule of the Community” expanding on why someone might have been interested in being a part of these separatist communities. One would therefore be interested in being part of these separatist societies because they were thought to have advantage over the weariness that comes with life. “The land of the Essenes was also very fertile and it attracted people to it”. Another factor that would make one to be interested in being part of these separatist societies, first, according to Josephus and Philo, the members of the sect numbered 4000. Judaism is a religious system whereby everyone is under the rule of God. This was because becoming a member of Essene sect for example was not easy to achieve. Only the male adults were allowed to join the group. The Essenes for example believed in living very simple lives. ...Show more


In light of the descriptions of Essenes by Josephus and Philo as described in the Damascus document, the Dead Sea document and the Rule of the community, someone might have been interested in being part of these separatist societies for a number of reasons…
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