The Gospels in Correlation with the Epistles

The Gospels in Correlation with the Epistles  Essay example
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Full name Professor Subject Date The Gospels in Correlation with the Epistles Paul, an apostle who considers himself to have been abnormally born in the faith, shared the gospel to his fellow Jews and the Gentiles through the power of the Holy Spirit, revealing the mysteries of the good news that have become controversial, especially so that he was a former Pharisee who was passionate in fighting for Judaism.


This background of the apostle sometimes puts him into question especially with the things that he taught because he was not trained by Jesus like the other disciples and was even questioned by believers because of the persecution they endured under his leadership. Would his teachings be trust-worthy? Putting the epistles or letters of Paul to his students or church members in juxtaposition with the gospels which were authored by the disciples who spent three years with the man called the Savior, is but one of the manners the modern man can verify if his message was indeed Holy Spirit-inspired as the apostle claimed. The main themes of the gospels are about Jesus Christ being traced as the promised Messiah of the Jews from the prophets of the Old Testament who lived in different eras, the manner He was to die for the forgiveness of sins and His second coming after all the prophecies about the times and seasons are fulfilled. ...
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