Elements of Religious Traditions

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Religion and Theology
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Introduction The role of religion in the life of human race is of utmost importance because it not only impacts all aspects of individuals but its influence can be observed in myriad ways on other people and place. The context of religious traditions and guidelines extend across the national boundaries and promote universal values of humanity.


The paper would discuss its relationship with various elements of social interaction. Identifying critical issues God is a supreme being in different religions vis-a-vis Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhaism etc. The varying traditions and their interpretations therefore become critical issues to define human behavior and actions, especially with regard to various socio economic and political paradigms which have catalytic effect on all people cutting across nationality, race, culture and color. The racial prejudices, gender inequality, capitalistic structure of society and even national boundaries are seen as going against the basic posit of religions’ core beliefs. This also raises the need to examine religion in various perspectives to gauge its responses amongst the people who practice it in different format and expressions. Relationship with divine God’s supremacy is recognized within all religious scriptures and exemplifies its relationship with the Divine in terms of behavior that is morally and ethically correct. The Bible teaches to be God fearing and stresses the need to repent by the sinners. It believes that God has endowed man with free will so he can follow his course of actions that would lead him towards the God. ...
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