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Introduction Jesus Christ is considered as one of the most influential personalities in world for his overall influence on the way world is shaped now. A closer look at the history of Christianity would suggests that one of the dominating themes of Christianity is concerned with whether Jesus is a God or claimed himself to be God.


This paper will therefore discuss the critical aspect of whether Jesus is a God or not? Another important question regarding the Jesus is his return and the second coming. Historical records will be presented and discussed to argue that second coming can be expected with certain degree of surety however, there are certain conditions which need to be met before second coming of Jesus can become a reality. This paper will attempt to discuss as to how much sure we can be regarding the return of Jesus besides discussing as to how a Christian should lead a life. Since every religion outlines important and necessary conditions to be followed to live a religious life therefore this paper will also argue as to how much it will matter for a Christian to live a life. Jesus as God One of the key debates in the Christianity is whether the Jesus is a God or claimed to be God. In order to discuss this proposition, it is important to discuss some of the Biblical references to outline the position as per religious scripture of Christianity. There are also other references in the Bible wherein Jesus even forgave the sins thus giving the impression that he was exercising the powers of God. There are three important incidents or references where Christ has clearly declared himself as the son of God. ...
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