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Wicca is considered one of the oldest religions and one which is based on shamanism, which is regarded as the first religion (Cunningham, 2005). Since Wicca is the religion of witches, whose negative reputation has been known all throughout history, the religion has been shrouded in mystery and secrecy.


Nevertheless, an in-depth look into the nature of Wicca somehow dispels most of the previous negative concepts associated with it. Far from its reputation of destructiveness, Wicca is actually a religion of natural healing and deep spirituality. Due to the absence of higher authority, prophet or Bible in Wicca, it is difficult to specify the basic tenets and principles of the religion. Nevertheless, there remain 13 principles upon which Wiccan belief is based. First, Wiccans feel the need to attune themselves to nature or the “natural rhythm of life forces” (Robinson, 2010). These forces are usually determined by the movement of the moon. Second, Wiccans recognize the fact that they are stewards of nature and that this responsibility stems from their own intelligence and consciousness. Third, Wiccans believe in the possibility of achieving supernatural power, but would most likely believe that non-Wiccans cannot possess the same thing. Fourth, Wiccans recognize the creative power of sex as well as the role of the masculine and feminine polarities in achieving creative power. ...
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