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Wicca - Research Paper Example

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Nevertheless, an in-depth look into the nature of Wicca somehow dispels most of the previous negative concepts associated with it. Far from its reputation of destructiveness, Wicca is actually a religion of natural healing and deep spirituality. Due to the absence of higher authority, prophet or Bible in Wicca, it is difficult to specify the basic tenets and principles of the religion. Nevertheless, there remain 13 principles upon which Wiccan belief is based. First, Wiccans feel the need to attune themselves to nature or the “natural rhythm of life forces” (Robinson, 2010). These forces are usually determined by the movement of the moon. Second, Wiccans recognize the fact that they are stewards of nature and that this responsibility stems from their own intelligence and consciousness. Third, Wiccans believe in the possibility of achieving supernatural power, but would most likely believe that non-Wiccans cannot possess the same thing. Fourth, Wiccans recognize the creative power of sex as well as the role of the masculine and feminine polarities in achieving creative power. Fifth, Wiccans recognize the dualistic existence of a world which is both physical and psychological or spiritual. Nevertheless, unlike other religions which focus their attention on the latter, Wicca presupposes the equal purpose of both worlds. Sixth, Wiccans do not recognize any leader or hierarchy of leadership but only those who have shared their wisdom with others. Seventh, Wiccans recognize the unity among religion, magic and wisdom – and they consider this particular worldview as Witchcraft or the Wiccan Way. Eighth, Wiccans recognize that the title “Witch,” when ascribed to oneself, does not in any way have a negative connotation. Instead, a “witch” means someone who “[seeks] to control the forces within himself” in order for him “to live wisely and without harm to others and in harmony with nature” (Robinson, 2010). Ninth, Wiccans regard life as a journey towards the continuous development of consciousness. As one’s consciousness develops, his knowledge of the universe also expands. Tenth, Wiccans feel a particular “animosity” towards Christianity and all other religions that declare themselves to be “the only way,” for this is tantamount to denying freedom to many other ways of achieving spiritual development. Eleventh, Wiccans basically do not want to dig deep into history and would consider themselves different from the wicked witches of the old. Twelfth, Wicca does not accept the idea of absolute evil but this does not mean that they recognize Satan or the Devil. Wiccans also do not rejoice in the suffering of others and do not advocate greed. Thirteenth and last, Wiccans believe that the secrets to good health and well-being lie within Nature (Robinson, 2010). In addition to the above 13 principles, Wiccans also believe that God, “The One” or “The All” is the one force that has created this universe and is still constantly creating it. God for the Wiccans is both male and female, and would regard the various Gods and Goddesses as mere aspects of “The All,” However, as Wicca is a decentralized religion with no clear higher authority, some Wiccans are pantheists, others are atheists, while some remain as agnostics (Robinson, 2010). Moreover, the Wiccan version of the Golden Rule is “Do what you want, as long as you harm none” (Cunningham, 2005). Harming none, however, means both not harming others and not harming oneself. Therefore, if one abuses his body and denies it the necessities of life or gives it too much pleasure, then one violates this moral principle (Cunningham, 2005 ...Show more
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Wicca is considered one of the oldest religions and one which is based on shamanism, which is regarded as the first religion (Cunningham, 2005). Since Wicca is the religion of witches, whose negative reputation has been known all throughout history, the religion has been shrouded in mystery and secrecy…
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