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New Testament Books summaries

Events accentuated are the life Jesus Christ; humanity and perfection as a human, appointment of the disciples of Jesus, death, resurrection, ascension and continuation of the work of Jesus Christ. Personalities highlighted are Jesus, His disciples, John the Baptist, Teachers of the law, Pharisees, Sadducees, Levis, Levites and Jews.
The genre of this book is historical. The book clearly defines Christ as the universal saviour. It presents Him preaching the ministry through the witnesses he had appointed and sent. The premises discussed in this book are the Holy Spirit’s descent, Evangelism, Apostolic authority, opposition to Christianity and defense of the Holy gospel. Events highlighted are, Jesus’ ascension into heaven, Paul’s conversion and escape from Damascus, Peter’s escape from prison, role of the Holy Spirit, the miracles disciples performed and the missionary journey of Paul. The apostles (Peter and Paul) and the Holy Spirit are the focal personalities portrayed in the book.
It falls under the genre of Pauline epistles. The main themes are Christian living, doctrine of Mosaic laws, Faith in Jesus and leadership of the church. Events in the book major upon the advices that Apostle Paul gave to the church and society of the Corinthians on matters concerning promiscuity, hypocrisy and committing to God’s work. The Corinthians had divided themselves and engaged in immorality of indiscipline, sexual impurity and in personal disputes. Personalities in this genre comprise of Apostle Paul and the Corinthians. The state of marriage is also approved by Paul; it’s better for a Christian to remain unmarried.
It is a pastoral epistle. Apostle Paul addresses the theme of exercising Christian faith to the Hebrews. Judaism and paganism are also themes discussed in this book. Events of God speaking to the Hebrews through the apostles by ...
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It contains 27 books, further divided into four categories, namely, The Gospels, Historical, The Epistolary and the prophetic books. The events in the New Testament are a fulfillment of the prophecies…
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