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Hinduism Introduction Hinduism is generally measured as one of the oldest and widely accepted religions in the world. Its rich historical background, culture and heritage have helped it for attaining a unique status. But the startling piece of information, that is, Hinduism lacks a unified system of principles and ideologies, is capable of rousing curiosity in a person.


Hinduism introduces a different concept about God and worship. Nothing like, Abrahamic and Islam religion, followers of Hinduism have worshiped God as an inestimable body from whom all souls have emerged and will end up in. Veda, Upanishads, and Puranas provide relevant information about Hinduism and these books have considered as the most holy Hindu books. Religion and culture are highly interchangeable terms in Hinduism and it concentrates on expressions like ‘bakthi’ which means devotion, dharma stands for right and ‘yoga’ which shows both physical and spiritual discipline. The concept of heaven and hell in Hinduism is highly associated with God. Therefore, people accept life after death in various life forms. Worshippers of Hinduism believe many Gods and it paved the way for misconceptions and wonder among the others. In reality, Hinduism always promotes several Gods for worship and people accept these Gods as the manifestation of the supreme divine. According to Hinduism “everything in life, whether living or not comes from Brahman” (Fowler, 1997, p.8). For that reason, one can find that these Gods are nothing but features of Brahman, the supreme divine. ...
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