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Eschatology Religion and Theology

It is also good to look at the Hebrew’s approach to afterlife, and finally a conclusion can be drawn. According to the traditional definition, eschatology means the doctrinal teachings of the "last things". Eschatology relations involve the relations of individuals (including resurrection, death, judgment, as well as the afterlife). It also explores man’s relationship with the world. In the latter respect, the doctrine of eschatology tends to be restricted, at times, to the absolute destruction of the world. The biblical usage is not warranted by the restrictions of eschatology. The "last days" may imply the end of the current order, or "hereafter." Eschatology, according to the Greeks point of understanding, as drawn from the Theological Terminology Dictionary, entails studying about the end times. It further integrates the second appearance of Jesus Christ, the rapture, the millennial kingdom of Christ Jesus, the battle of Armageddon, the ultimate judgment of Satan together with his false prophets and angles, and the new earth and the new heaven. ...
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A research on after according to Old Testament implies that the researcher must restrict him/herself in the content of the Bible and not the knowledge of the mind alone. …
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