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Essay example - ‘What is the relationship between law and narrative within the final form of the Torah/Pentateuch?’

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Religion and Theology
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The way these principles are reflected in the narrative of the Holy Book of the Judaists is discussed further on. The main claim is that a personal attitude of the narrative of Torah enables the holy texts to be perceived…

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The former style represents law; the latter style represents theological stories, reflections and different interpretations of biblical narrative1. Today many scientists investigate Biblical texts from different perspectives. This is essential to facilitate the understanding of God and help contemporary church create new approach to religion. On the one hand, these two different styles refer to different emotions and feelings of the readers: these two styles evoke emotional and creative imagination of the readers and sophisticated rules of jurisprudence2. Such kind of a literature appeal can be explained in the following terms: both parts of brains of Jewish are activated.
Currently, in accordance with researches and studies, Torah’s legal background and imaginative narrative are criticized. Thus, in accordance with Barmash (2004) there is no need to refer to the God as the creator of the Universe. The same is argued about the fact that the twelfth chapter of Exodus and the whole book of Genesis are unnecessary parts of Torah. These are antagonistic moods in relation to Jewish religious beliefs. The titles we meet in Bible, namely “Old Testament” and “New Testament”, can’t be considered to be original terminology of church as there is no anything in the history that forbids to call the parts of the Bible differently. Looking for the words to replace, people have already offered a great number of variants. However, the author admits that this replacement may also generate problems. When the people see the worlds “First” and “Second”, they will understand that they should read first part and then move to the second. Taking into account that people prefer to refer not to Old or New Testaments but to certain sections or book of the Bible, the author offers the names for these parts: Torah, Prophets, Writings, Gospels, and Letters. Such designations are really the most appropriate as they may ...
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