Whether Qumran was a Male Only Celibate Community or Not.

Whether Qumran was a Male Only Celibate Community or Not. Research Paper example
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The true identity of these people who lived in Qumran, producing the sectarian literature and lived in the caves is still a subject of major debate by historians and archeologist alike.


However, Qumran was not a male dominated society according to my intuition and analysis of some documented evidence regarding this community and in reading the arguments of other scholars. Research that has been done on the scrolls indicated the there is a linkage between the site and building complex, found immediately below the cliffs, and the caves, including the scrolls found inside them. The evidence gathered also does establish the way of life for this community. Qumran has been depicted as an aristocratic society as is opposed to the sectarian center. The available data shows that the inhabitants of this area took part in some communal activities and certain rites of religion. We need to establish the way this site could have influenced the lives of the community of Qumran as seen in some sectarian scrolls (Magness 8-56). Qumran and the issue of celibacy based on scrolls Qumran was initially established due to the need for a fortress for Hasmonaean, according to some scholars. It was then given to the Essenes following the taking over of power by Herod and immediately rituals of sacrifices came to rise up to until the period when the Essenes did leave the sacrifice rituals. ...
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