Analysis of The Christian and Bible Fundamentalism

Analysis of The Christian and Bible Fundamentalism Essay example
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Outline Introduction The essay analyzes Christian and Bible fundamentalism. It explains the values and doctrines of Christianity as adopted by Christian fundamentalists. In addition, it explains how they use literal interpretation of the Bible to explain different aspects of life in the world.


B. Fundamentalists oppose critics of Christianity i) Not everyone can be able to fully comprehend the doctrines of Christianity, including some Christians. ii) This has led such people to question Christianity, thereby encountering the wrath of the Christian and Bible fundamentalists. C. Fundamentalists believe in the Bible completely i) Fundamentalists adhere to the Bible as the only source of direction in life. ii) Any doctrine that refutes biblical teachings is rejected. iii) The problems in the world result from lack of adherence to biblical teachings. D. Fundamentalists believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ i) Christian fundamentalist adhere strictly to the teachings of Jesus, on whom Christianity is based. ii) No one can attain salvation apart from Jesus Christ. iii) People should emulate the good deeds performed by Jesus. Conclusion Christian and Bible fundamentalists are extremists, thus they defend the theories and doctrines of Christianity zealously. They interpret the Bible literary, thus any other doctrine that goes against Bible teachings is not acceptable. According to fundamentalists, all the events that take place in the world are only attributable to Christianity, specifically the Bible as the supporting evidence. Introduction Christian and biblical fundamentalism refers to aspects based on ideologies that oppose the other theories that explain the nature. ...
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