An Adventist Approach on the Doctrine of Salvation

 An Adventist Approach on the Doctrine of Salvation Essay example
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The Adventist Doctrine of Salvation Name Instructor Institution Date Introduction The theme of salvation has for a long time been a subject that has generated a lot of controversy and varied opinion. Many Christian denominations have been formed from differences in the doctrine of salvation.


The main issues that generate controversy include; perfection and its meaning; justification by faith, sanctification; atonement and the nature of sin (Whidden, 1995, 56-74). Blazen defines salvation from the Hebrew perspective which is closely linked to the term nasal meaning to pull out or withdraw people from danger or away from enemies as shown in {Ps 91:3}. Ellen White’s doctrine of salvation mainly focuses on perfection and justification by faith. Atonement Atonement is one of the elemental principles upon which the Christian faith is founded (Martin 1998, 157-60). There are various models of atonement which have been put forth by Christian scholars over the course of the years. These models include but are not limited to; ransom, victory, government, reconciliation, substitution, satisfaction, and moral influence models. Ellen G White in her discussion on the principle of atonement based upon the importance of freewill which was against the views of her contemporaries. Ellen believed in atonement of the cross as covering all the sin of mankind {Romans 6: 10}. While White’s perspectives can be classified into three of the atonement models, she used the three models in a complementary rather than exclusive manner (Frank 1996, 91-94). ...
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