The Destruction and Purification of Fire

The Destruction and Purification of Fire Essay example
Religion and Theology
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The definition of various symbols and ideologies that are a part of religion create a different understanding and association with various ideologies. The symbolism is not only identified by the main aspects of religious theology.


A specific identity which is associated with religious symbolism and belief is that of purification, evil and good through both creation and destruction. When looking at media items, there is a direct correlation with the symbolism of religion and the association with items to identify the symbolism that is a part of it (Cooper, 1987, 66). A current symbolism and identity associated with evil is with the ideology of fire and destruction which is a part of the association with the symbol. The fire that is seen in the media directly correlates to the ideas of fire and the symbols which this holds for various traditions. The symbol which is associated with religious symbolism is fire. According to Cooper, fire is identified as a powerful force because of the destructive force which tears apart and causes loss for those in society and may also lead to purification or enlightenment. From one perspective, it is known to generate or create life, specifically when looking at it from the perspective of the sun. The sun is able to give energy and strength to those who are in society while creating an alternative understanding of enlightenment, spiritual forces and transcendence when in a given situation. ...
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