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This may be because, since all other religious beliefs are exotic, Taoism is the only religion that the China inhabitants believe to be indigenous. Therefore, this document critically analyzes Daoism, its theoretical, practical, and social approach one of the world religions. Daoism (also called Taoism) is a religious belief whose origin comes from the Chinese traditions. Joachim Wach explained that there are three ways in which a belief qualifies to be named a religion (Kirkland 165). A religion must have its theoretical aspect. This means that it ought to have various verbal beliefs, to which the followers strongly adhere. Daoism accentuates veneration of the ancestral spirits and immortality of some beings in their religion. Taoism believes on the freedom of humanity from conformist limitations. Moreover, Taoism obtains its teaching from Lao-tze, an ancient philosopher who the followers deem to have established the first Taoism temple. However, the Taoism followers commonly consider the history about Lao-tze as legendary; and they still keep up with his teachings from the earlier writings. Scholars believe Taoism to be mythological. In this sense, some critics claim their belief about immortality to be mythical. ...
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The world has numerous religions, based on various beliefs from different traditional settings across the globe. However, not all religious beliefs qualify to be termed as religions. As a result, a religion must have some aspects in order to have recognition globally as world a religion…
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