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New mythologies for Modern Americans through Movie Theaters - Term Paper Example

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Term Paper
Religion and Theology
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New Mythologies for Modern Americans through Movie Theaters Name University Professor Course Date New Mythologies for Modern Americans through Movie Theaters Mythology cannot be easily answered as it entails poetry and music in it. A person can only answer it once he has complete feeling of it…

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New mythologies for Modern Americans through Movie Theaters

It is also not exact by facts that can be a total lie, partial truth or just an image and not true in its form. It drives the power of beliefs of individual and even groups of people. It is believed but not accurate like the history. Words play the part as approximation tool for the truthfulness behind the myth (Dowden, 1992, p. 2). Myth or mythology is the history or legend of certain phenomena that are not explainable by science and is attributed to the divine intervention. It comes from the Greek words mythos, logos and fable which all pertain to discourse or description. Being familiar with Mythology, people in the modern times would have the ability to learn from the lessons of the past and understand the hidden messages within (Irving, 1822, p. 5). Mythology is a traditional way of addressing and explaining occurrences based upon the tales of gods and goddesses and heroic adventures. Mythologem is the Greek term for the unchangeable famous tales. Mythology is different from mythologem as it is solid but dynamic and continuously changes without losing its identity (Jung and Kerenyi, 1941, p. 3). Mythology has been linked with literature as it was once presented in verse. Prose was later on adapted to suit the oral culture. Logos is a noun that means speak as its counterpart verb is legein (Dowden, 1992, p. 3). Mythology can be linked to idolatry because of images projected as part of worship. ...
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