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A Reflection - Book Report/Review Example


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A Reflection

Why should anyone be bothered to read this book of sermons in Washington DC delivered by a Baptist preacher? Body Answer to the question is twofold: the first one is sermons on war in the book written by Dr. Michael Bledsoe is equivalent to magnificent sermons presented in a variety of ways and the second one needs to be a constant reminder that there is a big connection between wars and the current state of economy that is depressing America and the world. The most important thing is that what is offered in the sermon collection is a particular Christian response to terrors on war of terror which are written from a specific Christian perspective. These sermons are very interesting for it windows into the life of a Baptist congregation in response to the event that took place on 9/11 and thereafter. Dr. Michael gives us information in his preface of the things that he considered to be of significance as “documents of that time” and “pastors thoughts and response of the congregation to the world”. ...
These are not self-help sermons “Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul in War”. This is just a single phrase that doesn’t admit a secular reality for people who refer themselves as Christians. There are sermons which proclaim strange profound, most of the time mystifying the grace of God amongst articulated in them. Speaking of redeeming grace of God in the midst of near despair and human confusion. In final analysis, always they point their situations to God. The final paragraph can be considered

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the sermons centerpiece, “God's Savage Country,” illustrating this fact: "Beloved there is another country that has no borders. You will not find it on any map traced in lines or crossed by coordinates of longitude and latitude. It is the kingdom of love and light, mercy and kindness, generosity and benevolence. It is a country that exists in the meadow of the heart, filled with light and the fragrance of a loving God. Its citizens span the earth and include people from every nation, tribe, and clan. Those who dwell there seek nothing less than the healing of creation, the redemption of humanity from its battles and wars with the flesh and the peaceful co-existence of all God's creation. This country is the peaceable kingdom of God." Dr. Michaels sermons hover between the prophetic and poetry- priestly. However they do not run aground by measure of indirection, means of communication makes sure that the hearer/reader and the preacher get touched by the gospel. In the final analysis there is no “over hearing” of the gospel, despite the skills possessed by Michael of indirection in a broad sense. He maneuvers his way through various literacy sources in addition to him offering consistent and faithful interpretation of scriptural


INTRODUCTION After all this months and years why then should we be reading a book of sermons that was delivered at Riverside Baptist church of the 9/11 event in Washington DC. Well, this is because of the approach to 10th anniversary 9/11 yet the war on terror is still on…
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A Reflection essay example
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