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How do we know God exists?

The existence of god is a very conceptual notion. It varies from religion to religion and from person to person. There are various beliefs like monotheism, polytheism and atheism that all have very different approach towards the concept of existence of god and due to this difference many philosophical issues have been raised. Monotheists believe that there is only one god who runs and control the whole world. Polytheists on the other hand believe in more than one god and atheists do not believe in the existence of god altogether.
A common question or argument which frequently rises is that why does god exist? In this world human beings are confused about the fact of their creation, like for example how they were born, was it really the big bang theory that formed this world and if yes then how was it initiated. Above all the most important question that rises is who created this world and the living things that live here. Now, here the concept of god helps us to comprehend these questions and answer them ourselves. All the things in this world either work by the help of another or we see them doing their work on their own like for example the earth; it moves on its own no manpower is required to rotate it on its axis. However, it is widely believed that this self moved thing is actually everlasting and there must be some external force that’s acting on it and that external force is god. God exists here to run those things which man cannot control.
Everything on this earth needs to be controlled one way or another and human beings are not fully capable of doing that as yet. ...
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According to many people the proof of god’s presence is in all the scenic beauty we see around us. There has to be someone who made all these things, some supernatural being, and the only consistent reason they think is right is the presence of god. …
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