Contemporary Issues in Judaism

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While some controversies are related to the sanity of Jewish practices like circumcision and child blessing, some other controversies are regarding the Jewish view point on social issues like abortion and feminism.


The first practice among Jews that often invites criticism is circumcision. According to Jewish tradition, circumcision is the mark of a covenant between man and God. Circumcision is conducted on the eighth day of a baby, and is preformed by a mohel. Usually, the mohel visits the baby one or two days before the ceremony and verifies that the child is fit for circumcision. Through the circumcision, the foreskin of the penis is removed so that the entire glans and corona are exposed. While the traditionalists believe that there is no issue in continuing with the practice of circumcision, there are people like Dr. Peter Ball (n. d.) who believe that the practice is both unwanted and barbaric. There are umpteen numbers of reasons put forward by scholars to show that circumcision has its own disadvantages. Firstly, it leads to increased intolerance to clothing as the glans, when unprotected, is highly sensitive. In addition, too much rubbing against clothing results in the glans’ losing sensation. As a result, it leads to less sexual satisfaction. Moreover, studies have proved that circumcision can make people feel mutilated, incomplete, and hence depressed. Despite all the points, the advocates of circumcision point towards the fact that many peoples in the world including many Africans, Christians and Muslims practice circumcision. In addition, they claim that circumcision is a happy occasion as it is the time of making a new covenant with God. ...
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