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Letter to C.S.Lewis - "A Grief Observed"

I would like to raise significant insights after reading your apologetic writing “A Grief Observed” some weeks ago (Lewis 1). This is because the descriptions of incidents in the text inspired strong reactions in me. Furthermore, the writing stimulated my thinking consequently motivating me to have a conversation with you. This is because I admit that grieving after the demise of a friend or a loved one is a horrible experience for persons universally. I also admit that love causes peoples behavior to transform for better and occasionally to their detriment than any aspect of peoples life (Parrish & Parrish 61). However, my response to the text concerns offering information about people’s reaction to bereavement and their faith during such situations in my culture. Furthermore, I would like to offer information basing on how love currently adapts while faced with various challenges in the historical moments. Descriptions offered in the text “A Grief Observed” regarding love presents some similarities and inconsistencies in my culture (Lewis 3). The bereavement as observed by the text is a challenge to love and loved ones. The demise of a loved one currently makes people in my culture feel worse off because life becomes uninteresting after such a scenario. ...Show more


Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Letter to C.S Lewis - A Grief Observed The demise of your spouse Helen Joy three years after matrimony undoubtedly shattered your life. You struggled strongly with hopelessness after the incident that broke your heart. In this scenario, your strong belief and following of God’s teachings began to weaken when you developed the intelligence that God has left you…
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