Euthanasia and Abrhamic Beliefs

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Contemporary ethical issues of euthanasia, Student Name: Instructor name: Unit Name Introduction By definition Euthanasia is the practice of deliberately ending life in order to relieve suffering and pain of a human being. It can either be voluntary or non-voluntary.


Euthanasia focuses on a number of things (Rachels, 2005). According to Young, (2010), euthanasia presents four main opinions. The first one is the fact that people have the right to self-will power meaning that they have to be permitted to decide their own destiny. Secondly, assisting a patient to die might be a better way of choice than allowing him to suffer. Additionally, the difference between passive is allowed but while active euthanasia has a double effect and lastly, allowing euthanasia does not necessarily lead to undesirable consequences. In this regard, the overall focus of this essay is to expound on the contemporary ethical issues of euthanasia, reflecting how the study of Abrahamic religions and their approaches to values and decision-making has influenced my thinking. Abrahamic religion teaches us that God is the only person who can take life away. Meaning that God is the one who owns you and it is up to him to decide when you are going to die. Christians have no option than to painfully prolong their life until death occurs naturally. If the patient is a Christian, then his religion teaches him that he should fear God and should not consider Euthanasia as an option. The religion also teaches that life is a gift from God and therefore sustaining and terminating it is under his control. ...
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