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[Your full name] [Instructor’s name] [Course name and code] October 21, 2011 Debate Philip and Mulholland, in their book, have talked about what makes God be so kind that he will save every person and will not be harsh on anybody. They have talked about the experience of God, the primacy of love, salvation without atonement, and the non-existence of heaven.


He made us to follow his path which some of us do and some of us don’t. We read through the Holy Books that God has made heaven and hell for those who do righteous deeds and those who do not, respectively. And this makes sense, of course. If we believe that God will save every person, then we will stop doing righteous deeds in the expectation that He will save us and will embrace us with all His love no matter what we do, as Philip and Mulholland state in their book. According to them, God is waiting for us up there with open arms and will hug us and save us from anything bad happening to us because he is an epitome of love rather than an epitome of cruelty. Okay, that is fine that He is not an epitome of cruelty, but does it makes sense that anybody who has been doing wrong deeds throughout his life, has been cruel with people, has been eating others’ money, has been lying and cheating, has been making others of His creation cry with sorrows, will be spared by God and embraced by Him with all His love and kindness? No, my Lord, No. This does not make sense at all. Another thing that I disagree with is that the authors say that there is no heaven, because if there is heaven, then there is possibility of a hell too. ...
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