Theology of Creation and Eschatology

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Name Tutor Course Date How does a contemporary theology of creation and eschatology contribute to debates on the correct Christian response to the current ecological degradation of the planet? The contemporary theology of creation and eschatology The theology of creation and eschatology propose the link of creation and eschatology to each other.


Creation is not only about deism that is the belief in God based on reason without any revelation. It is rather about theism where there is the belief in God as the creator and the sharing of God with His creation by revelation. Eschatology is also not only concerned about the end of ages and what is bound to take place, but also God’s purpose realization at every stage of the creation (Marmion and Hines 92). Creation is identified with Christ and is Christ-centered. This is because Christ in the book of John 1:1 in the Bible is identified with the Word: “It is by the Word that everything was created and, therefore, this implies that creation was done through Christ.” Therefore, as Christians, in order to enhance the fulfillment of God’s purpose in creation, Christians ought to take up their cross daily, participate in the work of God and be faithful followers of Christ (King 56). Christ’s redemptive power is what sets in the tone of eschatology as far as Christianity is concerned. Christ came in the form of man to be crucified and died on the cross, and He resurrected so that through His death and resurrection, human beings may be saved from the wrath of God that would come upon every son of disobedience. This is what eschatology is founded on. ...
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