The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring

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Name Instructor Task Date The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring The Lord of the Rings-the Fellowship of the ring is a mythology based on a Hobbit who is given the task of obliterating the One Ring by going through various challenges such as passing through the dangerous territories of the Dark Lord.


An archetype is a person who is viewed as a role model that represents humanity in a myth: Frodo is a monomyth. The entire plot is based on his journey, commencing when he is first separated from childhood. He is given a hard task, whereby he is required to depart from his home in the Shire. He goes through the stage of initiation when he passes through middle-earth and experiences several challenges until he gets to the territory of the Dark Lord, where he is supposed to throw the One Ring into the molten lava to ensure its destruction. This is done to thwart the Dark Lord of his wicked intentions, and by this, Frodo attains triumph. He then goes home for reintegration, where he shares the elation of his victory, attainment of new potency and acquaintance. Frodo’s task is to save earthlings, and accordingly, he accepts the expedition of becoming the ring bearer: in his expedition, he meets several challenges. However, the journey is observed to be a rite of passage that is expected to signify his transition from the childhood innocence into adulthood maturity. When time for breaking the fellowship comes, Frodo decides to pursue the quest on his own and enter the territory of Mordor despite having commenced the mission with eight of his friends. Frodo’s experiences are universal to humankind, as they tend to carry the human spirit forward. ...
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