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comparison between Western and Eastern religions is viewed by some scholars as a comparison between totally different things. A study on the doctrinal issues between Islam and Buddhism however reveals that the two religions may actually have a lot in common.


Both religions perceive themselves as improvements upon existing religions; Buddhism from Hinduism and Islam from Judaism and Christianity. There are striking similarities in elemental doctrine for instance the four noble truths of Buddhism and the five pillars of Islam. The doctrines which are of the most similarity though are the ones concerning creation and the creator and human relations of compassion and mercy to all humanity (Snjezan). These religions share not only doctrines but are also linked in history which has seen both religions borrow aspects of theology and legal matters from each other.An increasing concern about problems of globalized terror has called for dialogue between the religions of the world. In recent times, the religion of Islam has come to be considered as being extremist and violent and being most likely to produce people who commit terrorist acts. This view of Islam and Muslims only serves to increase hatred and discrimination which has seen increased calls for dialogue among religions. Religious scholars have asserted that all religions have particular characteristics in that the y usually endeavor to create a condition in which humanity can live peacefully with fellow man (Awsat). Western ands Eastern religions have been engaged in a struggle as popular opinions seem to consider these two radically different. Buddhism and Islam are two religions which have a particular commonness of belief and practice that it is mind boggling why Buddhism is more accepted than Islam. ...
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