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Comparative Religion - Essay Example

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Comparative Religion

Three negative aspects and at least one positive aspect of each religion will be named and explained. Secondly, Christianity which seems the closest to the “truth” for me will be evaluated and five positive aspects and one negative aspect will be stated. In addition, it will be outlined how I am going to deal with the aspect I did not like. Finally, a conclusion will be provided in which I will explain how this class helped me in the search for the “truth”. Hinduism is the main religion in India and other countries on South Asian Subcontinent, especially India and Nepal. It has no single founder or creator, several holy writings and more than one god. Therefore, many people often refer to Hinduism as a way of life, instead of calling it a religion. Furthermore, Hindus have a common system of values, such as duty, virtue, and morality, known as Dharma. Hinduism is a very old religion and for many people it is the religion closest to the “truth”. The most appealing aspect for me is that Hinduism is a rather animal friendly religion, for instance, many Hindus are vegetarian. Treating animals well is important to me and therefore, I believe this to be a positive aspect. However, there are three aspects that I do not like. First, Hinduism includes the concept of Varna (class), which divides society into four groups: teachers and priests, warriors and nobles, farmers, merchants, and businessman, and servants and workers. The division of classes served as a model for the social order. I believe it is a negative aspect, because people are born into a certain class and have almost not change of escaping it. It can be argued that Varna was partly responsible for the caste system in India. Secondly, Hindus believe that life is a continuous series of birth, death and rebirth, which is regulated by Karma. Although that might be an attractive aspect for some people, it is not for me, because it sounds restless and wearing. Thirdly, cremation is obligatory for most Hindus, when they pass away. Although that might be a minor aspect for many, this is a major negative aspect for me, because I would prefer to be buried. When people are buried in a graveyard, it gives friends and family a place to go to and I believe that is important. III. Buddhism Buddhism is a very old religion or way of life, which can also predominantly be found on the Indian subcontinent. It is a very spiritual religion, which focuses on spiritual development and insight into the nature of life. Furthermore, Buddhists do not worship one God or many Gods; instead they follow the teachings of Buddha. Buddhism is a very peaceful religion, since non-violence is the centre of Buddhist thinking and acting. The peaceful character is a major positive characteristic for me. Religion has been misused for many wars and acts of violence, but it is difficult to justify any wars or acts of violence with such a peaceful religion as Buddhism. Nevertheless, Buddhism is not the closest religion to the “truth” for me, due to these aspects. First, Buddhists do not believe in the existence of a God. Although this might not be a negative aspect for many, it is a difficult aspect for me, because I like to believe in the existence of a higher power, so the absence of such a higher power is a negative aspect for me. Secondly, meditation as a main feature of Buddhism is a further negative aspect for me. A lot of people praise the benefits of meditation, which is perfectly all right; however, meditation is not for me. I tried to meditate on several occasions, but it does not work for me. Thirdly, a negative aspect of Buddhism for me is that life or existence is described as being a tragedy, filled with suffering ...Show more


The purpose of this paper is to describe which religion seems to resonate as the “truth” to me by analyzing the following seven religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity…
Author : marquiselebsack
Comparative Religion essay example
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