Religions Life of Planet Earth

Religions Life of Planet Earth Essay example
Religion and Theology
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From my perspective, people on this earth have strayed away from religion since the advent of the modern century. The progress in the modern century of technology and science continues to be the one of the most essential factors.


For instance, if an individual considers himself of the Jewish faith, then that individual must abstain from pork, perform ablution before prayer, and strive to follow the religion as much as possible. One can argue that having the basic creed that God exists can be the basic starting point. Thus, a person can be considered if they believe in a supreme being, worship supreme being, and trying to make others also believe in that supreme being. In today’s era, it is clear that atheism dominates because of the lack of miracles that occur. For instance, during the Abrahamic era, many prophets were notorious for conducting miracles. Jesus had an amazing ability to heal people. Moses was known to split the river with his staff and lead his people to promise land (“The Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants”). However, these miracles do not occur because faith itself has been relinquished from the heart of a true believer. Religion has become a sacred myth in which practice and implementation are almost invisible. Even though the channel for gaining religious knowledge is abundant, it does not interest. The younger generation especially acknowledges sin but is not afraid of any type of punishment from a higher being. Needless to say, most people are not afraid of the wrath of a superior being. ...
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