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Old Testament book of Esther Name Institutional affiliation Date Old Testament book of Esther Thesis introduction The writer of the Old Testament book of Esther is unknown, along with the audience intended. Nevertheless, the writer is narrating the tale of Esther, implying that he or she either was there to experience it, or heard the story from others.


It would be rather logic to claim that the book was intended for Hebrews since Esther herself was Hebrew. All the same, the intended recipients of the book may well have been much broader. This makes the author of the book be assumed Hebrew as well, since Esther was Hebrew, and the text was originally written in Hebrew. The Old Testament book of Esther is about the life history of Esther, her encounters with religious leaders amongst other interactions. The book of Esther The book of Esther is in the outline of a brief tale, making it resemble the outline of the book of Ruth. Esther has been set up in the palace of Shushan, on one of the three centers of the Persian Empire. The narrative offers us a stunning image of the Jews in exile, of the unfriendliness of their Non-Jews in Persia (Tull, 2003, p. 19). The book also looks into the means by which Esther turned out to be the Queen of Ahasuerus (Xerxes), after putting her life on the line, for the sake of her people, the Jews. God provides fortunate care for her people in a magnified manner all the way through the book, even though the word “God” is not present in this book. ...
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