Augustine's Contribution to Epistemology

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Augustine’s Contribution to Epistemology Name Subject Instructor University Date Augustine’s Contribution to Epistemology Epistemology is the study of erudition and vindicated principle. The focus of the paper is to present and to discuss the contributions of St.


Augustine deems the course by which the psyche progresses from the fixation with the object towards deliberation that of the divine as a constitutive part of the cleansing and refinement that is salvation, and as arising in the two-natured Christ, through partaking in Christ’s body.1 Augustine devoted his life to the fundamental quest for truth.2 The epistemological groundwork of his hermeneutic is originated in this expedition for truth.3 Augustine recognizes that Scripture will be understood by a man who possesses an intellectual core. Every human spirit comprehends through the means of enlightenment by a heavenly luminosity. Some men are bestowed with the grace of seeing ideas more clearly while others less clearly. Hence, in the usual course of events, the human intellect does see the divine facts moderately, not immediately in his life.4 The very character of substance hinders the human psyche from the absolute wisdom of the understandable. Augustine adopted the doctrine dated back from the time of the philosophers, Aristotle and Plato, that certain factors thwarts the soul in his search for truth and knowledge. In reference to the bible, Augustine supposes that matter deters the exact forethought for veracity. ...
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