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In the history of Christianity, Jesus Christ and Martin Luther stand as towering reformers of the established political and religious systems of their respective periods. Jesus sought to reform the injustices he saw in the conflicts arising out of clashes between different groups during his time.


However, Luther and Jesus differ considerably in the context, goals, and methods of their respective positions, which results in diverse rhetoric between the “Gospel” and the “Appeal.” On the basis of these differences, one may make claims about the roles that the two men play in their respective societies. From the beginning of Luther’s appeal to the German upper-class, one is unavoidably struck by his extreme modesty—a necessary courtesy in his period. Classifying himself as a “poor” and “insignificant” individual, Luther attributes his desire to reform the Church to the will of God and not to his own personal “arrogance” or “perversity.” In spite of this modesty, Luther continues to claim significant weaknesses in the “three walls” of the Romanists, which stand for the three arguments that the Catholic Church presents in favor of their system of maintaining Church doctrine. Knowing that Luther is appealing to Germany’s most powerful people, and that he is being necessarily modest in doing so, it seems apparent that Luther is attempting to reform the religious institution (and its political extensions) from the inside. ...
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