Different Types of Yoga in Hinduism Serves Different Functions.

Different Types of Yoga in Hinduism Serves Different Functions. Research Paper example
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Last name, first name Course Date of submission Different types of yoga in Hinduism serve different functions. 1. Introduction Yoga is a practice of exercising the mind, body and soul together to achieve a perfect balance between the physiological and psychological functions (Crangle, p.104).


This is accomplished through various stages in Yoga. In the present context, evolution of yoga, its types and their bases will be studied through the available literature. 2. Historical perspective: Yoga is a proven method of application to achieve a stress-free life. Yoga, in Sanskrit, means ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’ (Feuerstein, 36). The Bhagavad-Gita is the sacred text of the Hindus and the basis for Hindu religion, which contains teachings from the Hindu deity, Lord Krishna. This text explains that human beings are constantly in conflict with self and surroundings through emotions, which is the reason for all misery. In order for humans to liberate themselves from various forms of misery, it is important to achieve a balance between the mind, body and soul, which can be accomplished through Yoga. This art helps in uniting the mind, body and soul through various postures, breathing patterns, meditation, chanting, worship etc. These differential practices are different forms of Yoga. 3. Types of Yoga: Numerous types of yoga have been described in various texts, and classification of yoga has constantly been debated. In fact, the ancient text on Yoga identifies almost 112 types of yoga (Singh, p.ii), and is based on Hindu Lord, Siva’s teachings. ...
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