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Medieval Christianity

It is said in the text that “because they presumed to interpret the words of the gospel in a sense of their own, not perceiving that there were any others, they said that the gospel ought to be obeyed altogether according to the letter; and they boasted that wished to do this, and that they only were the true imitators of Christ” suggest clearly that heretics have no right to question the authority of the especially in interpreting the holy scriptures (Augsburg 149). This happens because the church leaders believe firmly that they have authority to conduct teachings. This happens because they want to avoid inconsistencies with the beliefs of the people. However, there should be a consideration on the part of the heretics since some of them are actually pointing out the wrong attitudes of the church. Based on the aforementioned scenario, the subjectivity of faith or religion is undermined given that the authorities assert that there is only one way of reading the bible instead of giving chances to people to relate with it. This happened because the dark ages indicated already that church has the power and strict compliance is a must. Instead of the church leaders being guides to the practice of faith, they have become tyrants that dictate the subjective condition of faith.  The text, in general, shows portrays the social turmoil that is going on. There is autocratic rule of the church. He is pointing out that all heretics are wrong. There is an extreme assertion here about faith being an innate human emotion and condition. ...
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In the paper “Medieval Christianity” the author gives an understanding of the struggles of the church as an institution that helps people and advocates spiritual development. He tries to draw a clear connection and synthesis between the social, historical and religious contexts.

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