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Name Name of Professor Subject Date Critically Medieval It is clear that the history of the Church is a bloody one. Conflicts have risen due to different beliefs propagated within the institution. This conflict had its roots on the practices and administration of the church leaders.


Heresy, as a religious phenomenon, best describes the condition provided by the first text entitled David of Augsburg: on the Waldensians of Bavaria. It is clear in history that heresy has beclouded the minds of people about religion during the Reformation period. Heretics are staunch questioners of almost every doctrine of the Catholic Church. During that time, it is inexplicable that heretics swayed people on to their side since religion has monopolized the power and control over the political and social aspects. It is said in the text that “because they presumed to interpret the words of the gospel in a sense of their own, not perceiving that there were any others, they said that the gospel ought to be obeyed altogether according to the letter; and they boasted that wished to do this, and that they only were the true imitators of Christ” suggest clearly that heretics have no right to question the authority of the especially in interpreting the holy scriptures (Augsburg 149). This happens because the church leaders believe firmly that they have authority to conduct teachings. This happens because they want to avoid inconsistencies with the beliefs of the people. ...
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