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Portrayal of Muslims in America post 9/11 Prospectus 1. Introduction The essay intends to show that the scenario for Muslims have changed drastically in America after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on World Trade Center. As Osama Bin Laden has been Arabian and a Muslim, the entire community has been hurt by his ridiculous acts of terrorism.


Thesis statement: All individuals belonging to Islam religion should not be looked upon as terrorists and tortured The essays intends to support these argument with favorable findings 2. Muslims in America before 9/11 attacks Toleration and acceptance level of Muslims was comparatively high in America before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They have been living in America for a very long time and have never been considered as a noticeable feature by the Americans. Muslims also enjoyed favorable positions in American society. But even during this time issues of discrimination and inequality prevailed in the country of United States. Equality has never been observed. Muslims are also differentiated on the basis of their places births. The essay intends to discuss that Muslims of American origins received a different treatment than immigrants. The immigrants were fund to be more literate than the Native American Muslims and hence earned more. The essay also intends to talk about the lifestyle and cultural practices of the Muslim women which is quite different than the other American women. Immigrant Muslim women differed a lot from the existing African American women. 3. 9/11 terrorist attacks and the resulting actions taken The 9/11 terrorist attacks on American soil led to the collapse of the twin towers of World Trade Center. ...
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