Islamic Culture-Comparing the principles of Shoora (Shurah) and democracy - Essay Example

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Islamic Culture-Comparing the principles of Shoora (Shurah) and democracy

By comparing each of these forms of principles, there is a deeper understanding of the mechanics that are associated with both approaches to the decisions that are made within society as well as what rules and governs those under these orders.
The principles of Shurah are defined by governing expectations that begin in the household and move into society. According to these principles, the relationships to family and to kin is the most important to withhold in the culture. Each of the members and kin should hold a relationship according to the principles of Islam, specifically in terms of treating others with respect based on what individuals should receive the most respect as well as how one should be treated. The importance of this is not only based on basic respect and the formation of relationships. If a dispute arises among kin and family, priority is given to those who are expected to have the most respect in the family, specifically which held a sign of righteousness and love toward those that were a part of the Islamic culture and belief. The relationships were not expected to be of Islamic origin and were based on upholding the relationships, despite the actions or reactions from other kin, such as failing to uphold the same relationship. This particular concept tied into neighbors and society to form order and culture through the principles of how each member should be treated (Hashimi, 1997).
The principles of Shurah are combined with the understanding of how the approaches to those in the community ultimately affect the decisions taken politically, specifically with the attributes affecting votes and activities within society. The principles are expected to affect the consultation, democracy and decisions which are made by those in society. If the respect and guidance is divided by the amount of respect and worth given to the family and then to kin and the community, then there is the ability to ...
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Principles that govern and rule different societies create the framework for political agendas, cultural associations and the reactions from the public. The Middle East and Western methods of ruling and governing have created different aspects to the governing bodies as well as…
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