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Jesus-Christ—“I am statement” Professor’s name: Student’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: John 8:12 Holy Jesus Christi was sent to the world by the Lord for spreading the light of justice, wisdom, vigilance and spiritual uplift of the humans on the one hand, and to deliver the message of forgiveness and salvationii in the life Hereinafter on the other.


Thus, Jesus is the light which paves the way towards recognizing the blessings and attributes of God. Although the Old Testamentiii manifestly described the characteristics accredited to Christ’s sacred personality, yet a large number of the Jews of Nazarethiv turned against him out of sheer feelings of jealousy, and thus refused to recognize him as the promised Messiahv. Instead of acknowledging the qualities and character of this great holy personality, the people raised unconditional opposition against Jesus for worldly gains, pecuniary benefits and temporary socioeconomic statuses. They not only refuted to comply with the bright teachings Jesus had brought along with him, but also proved themselves as his arch enemies in such a manner that they were determined to assassinate the holy personality in order to sabotage the spread of holy light in the world. Although, they claimed to be the people of God and having command as well as right to interpret and explain the Mosaic laws described in the Ten Commandments revealed on Moses from the Lord, yet they were actually the transgressors and had gone astray from the right path of glory and righteousness. They used to cite Scriptures for their own purposes, and put aside all the noble teachings in their conduct and mannerism. ...
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