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Comparative Study of Two Indian or Two Chinese Religions - Essay Example

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Hinduism supporters comprise of about fourteen percent while Buddhism followers total to six percent of the global population (Underwood, p 1). Therefore, Buddhism is a derivative of Hinduism. In reality, Buddhism started in order to criticize the offensive fundamentals of the Hindu civilization, taking in the cruelty, in the caste routine (Samad). This essay will analyze the spiritual as well as cultural similarities and dissimilarities involving Hinduism along with Buddhism. Buddhism and Hinduism are dominant beliefs in the world, and they started in ancient India. In that case, they have an assortment of similarities in their beliefs. First, the two religions are alike in the way they both developed in the subcontinent of India. Secondly, they equally believe that there are lower and higher worlds and that there exists divinities on diverse planes. In addition, both religions highlight the deceptive natural world and function of karma in the birth and death phases. The term karma means the sum of all of person’s actions. Further, Buddhism and Hinduism recognize the function of desire in the suffering of a human being. While Buddha supposed that avoiding desire would stop suffering, Hindu believed that desirable actions leads to suffering and that acting without focus reduces the anguish. Next, there is accentuating on compassion as well as peacefulness towards living creatures in both Buddhism and Hinduism. In addition, the two religions have faith that a refutation of the world’s life is a qualification for the religious life. Besides, they both possess their version of practice and rites, which assist in the achievement of internal peace. Next, Buddhism as well as Hinduism trusts in the worthiness of particular spiritual performances comprising mediation and profound concentration (Underwood, p 7-8). Likewise, they both are strict lacto-vegetarians. This is because; Hindus believe that life is holy, while Buddhists consider it not right to take away a life. In addition, they all believe in Dharma, which signifies sacred duty. Lastly, both religions have an objective to attain. Their aim is to flee from the continuous reincarnation cycle (Social Studies School Service, 136). Hinduism varies from Buddhism in various ways. Firstly, Hinduism has no principal figure, while Buddhism is on the foundation of the holy text, the ‘Tripitaka’, a compilation of teachings from a male named Buddha. Therefore, Buddha initiated Buddhism, while there was no founder of Hinduism. Hinduism develops on the caste system, which is a routine formed by the Aryans, and states that individuals should do the work they were born to do. These jobs are such as merchants, farmers, soldiers and many others. Whereas, if someone’s father happens to be a farmer, so they are. On the contrary, Buddhists did not commit on the caste way since they believed in equality to all persons. They believe that every person must work hard to reduce the life’s stress (Social Studies School Service, 135). Hindus have faith in the supremacy along with efficacy of the Vedas, while Buddhists do not obey the Vedas or any scripture of Hinduism. Hinduism trust in one supreme God; the ‘Brahman’, plus various minor gods like the Shiva, Vishnu, and individual’s soul. On the contrary, Buddhists do not admit their belief in any supreme God or souls. However, they believe that persons are accountable for their actions (Social Studies School Service, 136; Underwood, p 8). Further, Buddhists are arranged into a monastic order, while Hindus do not contain a formal and regular system of arrangement. Buddhists regard stopping human anguish as their main objective in life. On the other hand, ...Show more


The spiritual legacy of India is diverse, ancient and well thriving. The ancient religion was Hinduism, which later split into different religions such as ‘Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism’. The bequest of these religions in India is spiritual as well as cultural…
Author : cordiasauer
Comparative Study of Two Indian or Two Chinese Religions
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