Compare Deaths of General Washington with that of Alexander Hamilton

Compare Deaths of General Washington with that of Alexander Hamilton Research Paper example
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Name: Instructor: Task: Date “Comparison between the deaths of the General Washington, and Alexander Hamilton, How this moment in their lives reflect their religious convictions, their Christian affiliation, their view of Christianity and Christianity's role in government”.


Alexander Hamilton died as Aaron Burr shot him. Aaron was a political opponent in the famous duel that ended his life in 1804. Some Hamilton’s last words were about his faith in Christ and his firm belief in Christianity and fervent hope of clemency through the virtues and mediations of Christ1. Washington’s religious convictions Washington and his family were initially Anglicans. Washington used to go to church in his wife’s company. He never participated in some rituals like taking communion. He therefore, used to leave the church before the services ended so that he did not take the communion. This went on until he ceased attending church on communion occasions since a priest reprimanded him. He attended many services at many churches as a President. Among those churches he attended were Presbyterian, Catholic, Quaker, and Congregational. He officially addressed twenty-two religious groups, which gave him more understanding on religion. Washington was a very generous man who attended many charity events and donated to the poor, schools, and colleges. In 1793, widows and orphans in Philadelphia suffered from yellow fever endemic that distressed the capital city. As a leading citizen, Washington led the country in demonstrating charity to the affected2. ...
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