Covenants of God with His Children. Pentateuch discussion.

Covenants of God with His Children. Pentateuch discussion. Research Paper example
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From one of several perspectives of Covenant Theology, the organization of the Bible’s description of the history of God’s relationship with humans can be viewed within the context of three important overarching covenants: redemption, works, and grace.


Throughout the Old Testament are historical covenants which advance and refine the Covenants of Redemption and Grace. In another perspective of Covenant Theology, the Covenant of Redemption is without evidence, the Covenant of Grace is implicit as the main covenant, and the historical covenants reflect different administrations of the Covenant of Grace. A third perspective of Covenant Theology is that, since the Bible does not specifically refer to any covenants of redemption, works or grace, it is more scripturally accurate to see all covenants as historical, and to see god’s plan of redemption/grace as an overarching purpose, but not specifically as covenants. This paper will discuss these major areas, as well as the historical covenants, as they are found throughout the sections of the Old Testament (Pentateuch, Historical Books, Poetical Books, and Prophesy), shaping Christian understanding and appreciation of the fulfillment of God’s purpose through Old Testament times, transitioning our understanding readiness, and application of covenant truths in the New Testament. A covenant is a promise, a contract of protocol, which outlines specific expectations and outcomes of keeping and breaking the expectations, binding on all parties and descendents. In the case of God’s covenants with people, God dictates the terms. The Covenant of Works was established with Adam and Eve, in Eden. ...
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