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Essay example - Pleasantville (1998) in the Context of Cornelius Plantinga JR. and Bruce Epperly

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Religion and Theology
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Clients Name Name of Professor Name of Class Date Pleasantville (1998) in the Context of Cornelius Plantinga Jr. and Bruce Epperly Introduction The film Pleasantville (1998) is a morality tale in which the concept of the authentic life is explored in contrast to repression and the oppressions of governing authorities who try to determine the personal lives of the individuals of their town…

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Looking at the writings of Cornelius Plantinga Jr. and Bruce Epperly, the film Pleasantville is analyzed against writings that express the meaning of God within the life of the Christian, creating a discourse on how the perfection of this world is measured against the expectations of God. Plantinga reminds his readers that God expects us to embrace suffering, to go out into the world and serve without expecting to find glory. Epperly reminds us that the world is bigger than the human experience, that finding the whole world gives the human experience the authenticity that God had intended. Through looking at Pleasantville through the writings of Plantinga and Epperly, the Christian experience in the world is expressed as more than just the illusions of perfection as it is sought after within the confines of the American dream. Overview of the Film The film Pleasantville (1998) is a fantasy in which the idea of what is the ideal of American life is explored through the concept of 1950s television. ...
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